Apply Physics Properties


Changes the physics properties of party member or entity.


PartyWhether or not to alter a party member.Toggle
By Unique IDWhether or not to alter an entity based on unique ID.Toggle
TargetThe target to alter, based on the prior toggles.Actor Reference
Use as Delta ValuesWhether or not to adjust the target by the amounts specified or to the values specified.Toggle
SizeThe X, Y, or Z collider scale of the target.Variable or Value
SpeedThe speed multiplier on X, Y, or Z axes of the target.Variable or Value
Ignore Entity CollisionWhether or not to ignore the colliders of other entities.Switch or Value
Ignores GravityWhether or not to ignore gravity.Switch or Value
Is ClippingWhether or not to ignore tile collisions.Switch or Value
Is StaticWhether or not the target is incapable of being pushed.Variable or Value