RPG Architect has a few different sources for tutorials, each with different aims.

Official Tutorials

The official RPG Architect tutorials are comprehensive and designed to explain all features in longer-format depiction. They will be kept up-to-date with the latest changes and notes for what has changed (or may change) in the future.

Video Tutorials


Getting Started



Introduction to Entities

Introduction to User Interfaces

Character Stats

3D Structures

Virtual Keys (Rotating a Camera)

Sprite Layers

User Interfaces - Menus (Part 1)

Parallax Mapping

User Interfaces - Displaying Character Stats (Part 2)

Advanced Tile Placement

User Interfaces - Portraits and Gauges (Part 3)

Creating a Title Screen

Time Cycles

User Interface Filters


Battle System 101

Battle System 102

Battle System 103

Battle System 104

Battle System 105

Advanced Battle System 101


Save Value and Data Sources

Save/Load System

Skill Tree

JSON Commands

Music Control

Community Tutorials

These videos are unofficial, but are recognized for covering some of the content that has not been covered in our official videos.

Video Tutorials