Contexts are a powerful tool within RPG Architect to provide information to user interfaces.

Battle Command

Battle command represents a command that can be actioned in battle. It is generally composed from Skills and Skill Types.

If a skill type enables grouping, it will map all skills of this type into a parent container (e.g. Magic) for battle commands.


Battler represents a hero or enemy in battle.


Character represents a hero in the party.


Equipment represents an equippable item for a character.

Equipment Slot

Equipment Slot represents a place to equip Equipment on a hero.

Inventory Slot

Inventory slot represents a place in the Inventory where Items are stacked or stored.


Shop represents a shop for purchase/sale of goods.

Shop Item

Shop item represents an item for purchase in a shop.

Shop Item Cost

Shop item cost represents a component necessary for purchase of a shop item in a shop.

Skill Slot

Skill slot represents a Skill that has been assigned to a hero.