Entities represent interactable objects. These are used for NPCs, treasure chests, random environmental objects, and more.

For entities that have the exact same logic and interactions, consider using an Entity Definition.


Entity scripts allow for an entity to support multiple interactions and types. Unlike other engines, RPG Architect will leverage the first script to satisfy all conditions and interactions.

Entity Script



Script NameThe name of the script.String
ConditionsThe conditions for priority of the script.Condition?
InteractionsThe methods of interaction for the script.Interaction?


Cycle AnimationWhether or not to animate the entity automatically.Toggle
Recycle AnimationWhether or not to continuously animate the entity.Toggle
DirectionThe direction the entity is facing, if applicable.Direction
Fix DirectionWhether or not to keep the entity facing its current direction. This will not prevent direction changes through scripts or Face On Interaction.Toggle
Face On InteractionWhether or not the entity will face the player on interaction.Toggle
Interaction Suspends MovementWhether or not to suspend the movement pattern when interaction occurs.Toggle
Sprite / ModelThe sprite or model of the entity on maps.Sprite Or Model
ShapeThe shape of the entity in 3D.Shape
Pitch (X Rotation)The transformation, in 3D, of the entity along the X Axis.Number
Yaw (Y Rotation)The transformation, in 3D, of the entity along the Y Axis.Number
Roll (Z Rotation)The transformation, in 3D, of the entity along the Z Axis.Number
AnnotationsThe annotations associated with the current script page.Annotation?


DelayThe delay between movement actions, in milliseconds.Number
Ignore Entity CollisionWhether or not to ignore collisions with other entities and doodads.Toggle
Ignores GravityWhether or not the entity ignores the effects of gravity.Toggle
Ignores ObstaclesWhether or not the entity ignores obstacles created by terrain/tile collisions.Toggle
Is ClippingWhether or not the entity operates independently of physics. Interactions can still occur.Toggle
Is PushableWhether or not the entity can be pushed.Toggle
Prevent CollisionWhether or not the entity tries to avoid occupying the same tile or location as another entity.Toggle
Prevent FallingWhether or not the entity tries to avoid falling.Toggle
Register Ignored CollisionsWhether or not the entity registers collisions (and therefore interactions) with other objects, when Ignore Entity Collision is enabled.Toggle
SpeedThe speed multiplier of the entity.Float


Movement TypeThe type of movement that the entity will have.Movement Type?
Movement PathThe custom movement path the entity will take if Movement Type is set to Path.Movement?


ColorThe color of light emitted.Color
Is FlickeringWhether or not the light flickers.Toggle
Flicker DurationThe duration between flicker changes, in milliseconds.Number
Is LightWhether or not the entity illuminates light.Toggle
Maximum IntensityThe maximum intensity of the light.Number
Maximum RadiusThe maximum radius of the light, in tiles.Number
Minimum IntensityThe minimum intensity of the light.Number
Minimum RadiusThe minimum radius of the light, in tiles.Number
Offset XThe x offset of the light.Number
Offset YThe y offset of the light.Number
Offset ZThe z offset of the light.Number


ColliderThe settings for the dimensions and type of collider. Values are measured in tiles.Collider?


The Script to execute when all of the Conditions and Interactions are met.


Local Data

SwitchesThe local switches attached to the entity.Switch
VariablesThe local variables attached to the entity.Variable