Move Entity


Moves a targeted entity.


PartyWhether or not to move a party member.Toggle
EntityWhether or not to move an entity.Toggle
SelfWhether or not to move the entity the script is on.Toggle
By Unique IDWhether or not to move an entity based on unique ID.Toggle
TargetThe entity to move, based on the prior toggles.Variable or Value
Wait for Movement to CompleteWaits for the movement to complete before continuing the script.Toggle
MovementThe movement elements to execute on the Target.Movement Elements?

Movement Elements are defined in a Movement Element stack in sequential order. Each item has a Property Grid where each element can be adjusted.

Movement CommandsDefine movement for targeted entity.Toggle
Ignore Invalid Movement?Skip impossible steps in movement stack.Toggle
Is Recycling?Repeats movement stack endlessly.Toggle
Step FactorNumber of tiles moved. e.g. .25 = 1/4 tile.Number

Misc. Elements - Additional elements that can be changed during a Move Entity command.

Change Sprite/ModelChange target walking graphic.Toggle
Color MaskApply color mask to targeted entity.Toggle
ScaleChange scale of targeted entity.Number
Sound Effect?Play Sound EffectToggle
Set SwitchAdjust a single or range of switches.Switch or Value
TeleportTeleport target to a new position on the current map.Number
WaitWait for X# milliseconds.Number
Set VariableAdjust a single or range of variables.Variable or Value