Text Escape Codes

RPG Architect leverages several escape codes for formatting text in a similar way to HTML. They consist of formatters, control sequences, and replacements.


Formatters adjust how text is displayed. Formatters need to be closed with the same tag or they will continue for the remainder of the text. Additionally, these can be combined for additional effect.

Example: <b><u><fontsize[50]><fontcolor[#ff0000]>This is big, bold, underlined red text.</fontcolor></fontsize></u></b>
bBolds a text sequence.None<b>This is bolded.</b>
iItalicizes a text sequence.None<i>This is italicized.</i>
sStrikethroughs a text sequence.None<s>This is struck-through.</s>
uUnderlines a text sequence.None<u>This is underlined.</u>
leftHorizontally aligns a text sequence to the left.None<left>This is aligned left.</left>
centerHorizontally aligns a text sequence to the center.None<center>This is aligned in the middle.</center>
rightHorizontally aligns a text sequence to the right.None<right>This is aligned left.</right>
fontsizeChanges the font size of a text sequence away from the default.Font Size (Number)<fontsize[50]>This is a 50pt font.</fontsize>
fontcolorChanges the font color of a text sequence away from the default.Font Color (Hexidecimal Markup or Comma-Separated Decimal in RGB or ARGB Format)<fontcolor[128,255,0,0]>This is partially-transparent red text.</fontcolor>
fontfamilyChanges the font family of a text sequence away from the default.Font Family (Number)<fontfamily[3]>This uses the fourth font family at '003' in the database.</fontfamily>
shakeShakes the text sequence in X and Y directions.Shake X (Number), Shake Y (Number)
Default: 2, 2
<shake[4,10]>This text is shaking horizontally by 4 pixels and vertically by 10 pixels.</shake>
waveWaves the text sequence along a sin wave.Wave Factor (Number), Wave Speed (Number)
Default: 1, 2
<wave[4, 2.5]>This text is oscillating along a wave, sped up by a factor of 2.5, with crests to +4 and -4.</wave>

Control Sequences

Control sequences adjust how text interaction occurs.

continueEmulates a Confirm press, causing the text to paginate, continue forward, or close.NoneThis waits for 500ms and then closes itself.<wait[500]><continue>
displayallIgnores the character delay and displays all text immediately between it.
Note: This requires a closing tag.
None<displayall>This text is ignoring the standard character delay and displaying this text immediately.</displayall> This text is now displayed at the normal delay.
pauseRequires a Confirm press.NoneDid <pause> you know <pause> you hit the confirm key twice?
waitWaits for a duration before display continues.Duration in Milliseconds (Number)This text will wait 1 second <wait[1000]> and now we're continuing!


Replacements replace the corresponding tags with values from the game.

Displays the value of a global variable.Index (Number)Global Variable #0 has the value: <globalvar[0]>.
partyDisplays the name of a party member.Index (Number)Did you know that the first party member's name is <party[0]>?
characterDisplays the name of a character from the database.Index (Number)The second character in your database has the name of <character[1]>.
enemyDisplays the name of an enemy from the database.Index (Number)The fourth enemy in your database has the name of <enemy[3]>.
fpsDisplays the current FPS that the engine is running at.NoneYou are currently rendering at <fps> FPS!
itemDisplays the name of an item from the database.Index (Number)The third item in your database has the name of <item[2]>.
equipmentDisplays the name of an equipment from the database.Index (Number)The fifth equipment in your database has the name of <equipment[4]>.
mapnameDisplays the name of the current map.NoneYou are currently at: <mapname>
playtimeDisplays the current playtime.Format String
Default: hh:mm:ss
You've been playing for <playtime>.
systemdateDisplays the current date from the device.Format String
Default: d
The current date is <systemdate>.
systemtimeDisplays the current time from the device.Format String
Default: t
The current date is <systemtime>.
stepsDisplays the number of steps the party has taken.NoneYou have walked <steps> in your playthrough.
encounterstepsDisplays the number of steps the party has taken that count towards encounters.None<encountersteps> have been made towards the next random encounter.
Displays the money held by the party.NoneYou have <$> gold!