Items are consumable inventory items that can be used by a character or enemy in or outside of battle.



NameThe name of the item.String
Item TypeThe item type classification of the item.Item Type


DescriptionThe description of the item.String
IconThe icon associated with the item.Icon
Sound EffectThe sound effect played during non-battle uses of the item.Sound Effect?


Action SequenceThe custom action sequence to use with the item.Action Sequence
AnimationThe animation to use with the item.Animation
Auto TargetWhether or not the item automatically selects a target.Toggle
Battle Log MessageThe message that shows in the battle log.String
Cooldown FormulaThe cooldown formula for the item.Formula
Targeting AnimationThe custom targeting animation to use with the item.Animation
Use Custom Action SequenceWhether or not to use a custom action sequence.Toggle
Use Custom Targeting AnimationWhether or not to use a custom targeting animation.Toggle
Warm-Up FormulaThe warm-up formula for the item.Formula


CostThe cost of the item in a shop.Number
Failure MessageThe message that shows when the item fails.String
Is InstancedWhether or not the item is created as an unique instance incapable of being stacked.Toggle
Is RequiredWhether or not the item is required and incapable of being dropped or sold.Toggle
Is Used in BattleWhether or not the item can be used in battle.Toggle
Is Used in MenuWhether or not the item can be used in a menu.Toggle
Maximum Random UsersThe maximum random uses of the item.Number
Minimum Random UsersThe minimum random uses of the item.Number
Success FormulaThe success formula to use the item.Formula
UsesThe number of times the item can be used before being removed.Number
Use ScopeWho the item can target.Use Scope
WeightThe weight of the item.Number

Global Script

Is Global ScriptWhether or not to execute a script during the item use.Toggle
ScriptThe script to execute when the item is used.Script


Is SkillWhether or not to the item invokes a skill usage.Toggle