Character Sprite or Model Priority

Many things can alter or change a character's visual in the engine. The priority is as follows:

  • The character's visuals, specified by the Character.
  • The class visuals, specified in any Class.
  • The equipment's visuals, specified in any Equipment.
Example: Suppose a character, Henry, has a Sprite / Model specified and then equips some iron armor that also has a Sprite / Model defined for it. The hero will now be shown with the iron armor's Sprite / Model. If the armor is removed, the original Sprite / Model will now be displayed. Suppose Henry now has a class 'Wizard' applied and it has a Sprite / Model defined. Henry will now have the Sprite / Model as his visual. Further, assume that even with a class defined, Henry re-equips the iron armor -- the iron armor's Sprite / Model will now override the character and class Sprite / Model.
Note: If a Change Sprite / Model command is used, it is only temporary. If the character changes classes, equipment, or anything else listed in the priority above, the character will have priority reset. This is by design.