Character Animations


Character animations allow for a standard set of animations to be defined in a sprite sheet. These could include custom poses, such as being startled or surprised, injured, angry, and so forth.

Character animations work solely off of offsets inside the spritesheet's frames. If spritesheets are different sizes, but follow the same overall frame layout when built, the animations should work.

Example: If one spritesheet is organized as 32x32 frames and another is organized as 32x48 frames, but they follow the same layout inside each spritesheet, the character animations will work the same.



NameThe name of the character animation.String
Is LoopingWhether or not the animation continues to animate or loop.Toggle


Is Model AnimationWhether or not the animation is for a 3D model.Toggle
Animation NameThe model animation to use.String


Is Sprite AnimationWhether or not the animation is for a sprite.Toggle
Frame DurationThe duration of each animation frame in milliseconds.Number
Frame CountThe number of frames in the animation.Number
Frame OffsetThe number of frames offset from the standard pose of the sprite where the animation exists.Number