Map Configuration


Map configuration is used to setup how the map engine functions.


Action Result

ColorThe color of the action result.Color
Drop Shadow ColorThe color of the drop shadow of the action result.Color
Drop Shadow OffsetThe offset of the drop shadow of the action result.Number
EffectsThe effects to apply to the action result.Annotation Effect?
Font FamilyThe font family of the action result.Font Family
Font SizeThe font size of the action result.Number
Use Drop ShadowWhether or not to display a drop shadow on the action result.Toggle


Overlapping Layer StrategyThe strategy for handling duplicate tile layer data.Tile Overlap Strategy


Default ColliderThe default collider used by entities or characters on maps.Collider?
GravityThe default gravity to apply to entities.Number
Pixel-Based MovementWhether or not pixel based movement is enabled.Toggle
Prevent Diagonal MovementWhether or not to prevent diagonal movement.Toggle
Prevent FallingWhether or not to actively prevent entities from falling.Toggle
Slope Climbing AngleThe maximum angle allowed for climbing slopes in degrees.Number
Tile-Based MovementWhether or not tile based movement is enabled.Toggle
Tile Movement MarginThe vertical offset to apply to movement calculations when attempting to determine if an entity can reach a position.Number


Enter MapThe script to execute upon entering a map.Script?
Exit MapThe script to execute upon exiting a map.Script?
Is Defeat/Game Over EnabledWhether or not the default defeat condition in the battle configuration is checked for when statistics are updated.Toggle


Enter TransitionThe transition for entering the scene.Transition
Exit TransitionThe transition for exiting the scene.Transition