RPG Architect supports many Audio Formats.

Music can be played with the following parameters:


Fade-In (milliseconds)The amount of time to fade-in, in milliseconds.Number
Audio PanThe pan of the audio across stereo speakers.Number
Audio PitchThe pitch adjustment of the audio.Number
LoopingWhether or not to loop the audio.Flag
Loop Start (milliseconds)The time to start the loop at, in milliseconds.Number
Loop Length (milliseconds)The length of time for the loop, in milliseconds.Number
Best Practice: Use Vorbis/.ogg for all of your music.


If using Looping without a Loop Start and Loop Length, the audio streams work excellent and without problem.

When specifying a Loop Start and Loop Length, RPG Architect works best with the Vorbis/.ogg format, as it has concrete data to read and process. Audio loop information can be read from these files, via the LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH tags/comments. These numbers are reflected in sample count.

RPG Architect supports (poorly) MP3 looping with Loop Start and Loop Length, but due to the variable nature of the audio stream, these values are not as concrete and cannot be sampled as cleanly. In addition, Position and Duration are not easily read, if at all.

If enough interest is shown, better MP3 looping may be implemented in the future.