Sprite Format


RPG Architect can be composed from existing resources that have been around for quite some time.

Spritesheet Standards

Spritesheets support up to 8 directions, with the possibility to scale and adjust how the animation plays.

Supported Direction Counts:

  1. 1 Direction (always facing forward)
  2. 2 Direction (side to side or up/down)
  3. 4 Direction (cardinal directions)
  4. 8 Direction (complex cardinal directions)


Prior engines tend to use "ping-pong" animation, wherein the center frame is considered the "standing" or default/rest frame (see example).
When setting the sprite, a property called Orient Around Center Frame is used to enable the "ping-pong" animation.

Otherwise, the engine will consider the first frame the "standing" or default/rest frame.


Prior engines primarily use 3 frames, but RPG Architect is unlocked to support as many frames per animation as you desire.
Simply, set the Frame Count property to the desired frames you want to use.


RPG Architect has no hardcoded dimension limits. The Frame Width and Frame Height properties are used to configure
how big each animation frame is.

Reference: Sprite Sizing.pdf