Reporting Bugs

If you've encountered a bug and want to get it addressed, a few things will help it get fied.

First, determine if the problem is in the Editor or the Engine.

The Editor is the tool you use to create content. You'll encounter this is you are designing/building the game.
The Engine is the game itself. You'll encounter this if you're playing the game.

For Crashes:

In the Editor:
Check the installation directory of RPG Architect and look for an Editor.log.
In the Engine:
Check the directory of your project root for an Engine.log. This will be alongside your RPG.project file and Content folder.
The latest crash will be reported at the bottom of a log with a timestamp.

For Non-Crashes in the Editor or Engine:

Please prepare your project (or an example project) that shows the issue at hand. The issue should be easily accessible with minimal steps/storyline to replicate.
Zip up the entire project (RPG.Project and Content folder).
If the overall filesize is getting large, consider deleting your Movies/Music/Sound Effects to reduce the size.
Provide the sample project via an email to support AT rpg-architect DOT com (or preferably) to Locke on Discord.